General Paper may seem like a beast of its own. It has no fixed answers. It has no fixed formulas. Mathematics and the sciences would wince and shudder, and you, the junior college student, may ponder: how does one even study a subject that has neither a syllabus nor structure? You may look at model essays and the KS Bulls in awe. You may conclude that some are just born with the gift of innate flair while you, unfortunately, are born with the written abilities of a chimpanzee.

The good news is that that you are wrong.

In my two years in junior college, I was consistently at the 100th percentile for GP and ultimately held the best record—in fact, on multiple occasions, I was the only one in the cohort of over 700 students to attain an ‘A’ grade due to the stringent internal marking (and among the few capable of going beyond 40/50 for Paper 1). I was awarded the ‘Academic Award for H1 General Paper’ at the 14th College Day Awards Ceremony for ‘outstanding performance’, was a top-scorer in English back in secondary school (with a rather legendary 29/30), and was also a Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition Awardee. I am currently in the National University of Singapore (NUS) pursuing a degree in the College of Humanities and Sciences and have had several years of experience tutoring dozens of students like yourself. 

I founded because I believe that resources should be free, or at the very least, affordable. This is why I have shared some notes for free for Paper 1 and Paper 2 and also release daily content @generalpaper on Instagram.

Of course, for those who need an extra push because you still fear the future is bleak for your General Paper grades, you are welcome to sign up for weekly live tuition sessions or our intensive 1:1 crash courses, which too, can be held online via Zoom and Google Docs.

Whether you are here for free resources or here to sign up for tuition, feel free to contact me if you have any questions—I’ll be more than happy to help you succeed.